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Spicy tuna salad with avocado and cucumber

Although I am a foodie and I like to cook, I have moments when I do not want to cook. At such times I prefer to stay as little as possible in the kitchen. That does not mean I eat fast food or I starve. No way. For such situations, I have gathered over time […]

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The pan and the science – leavening agents

One of the most common physicochemical phenomena in the kitchen is the leavening of dough. Image source Leavening agents are those substances that release gases and cause the risen of dough during baking or frying. To understand how the dough is rising, we need to understand what happens when flour is mixed with liquid ingredients. […]

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Four Romanian wines and Five Continents

I have recently organized, together with Daniel Botea, a new event from the series „Brânzeturi cum se cuvin“. This time, our host was Hotel Boutique Five Continents from Craiova. We have tasted four wines from the Avincis Winery: Crâmpoșie Selecționată 2017  with Brie – Ile de France Fetească Regală 2016 with Havarti Delaco D’Excepție Avincis […]

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The pan and the science

We shouldn’t be afraid of food: we should understand it. Stefan Gates Today I start a series of articles dedicated especially to cooking enthusiasts and those who want to cook decent food without staying for days in the kitchen. Although culinary art first developed empirically (and many of us cook based on experience), little science will […]

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