Four Romanian wines and Five Continents

I have recently organized, together with Daniel Botea, a new event from the series „Brânzeturi cum se cuvin“. This time, our host was Hotel Boutique Five Continents from Craiova.

We have tasted four wines from the Avincis Winery:

Even if I bother you doing a little advertising, I can tell you that Delaco is our cheeses sponsor for the events we’ve been organized for over two years. More precisely 23 editions, because there were also breaks.

You can read more about Avincis winery here.

A few words about tasted pairs

Crâmpoșie Selecționată 2017  – Brie – Ile de France

Crâmpoșie Selecționată is a Romanian grape variety, created in Drăgăşani (1972) by the hybridization of Crâmpoşie – a traditional Romanian variety, auto-sterile (cannot pollinate with its own pollen) with Gordan – another Romanian variety, used mainly as a pollinator.

A proverb from the Drăgăşani area says „Crâmpoşia gives strength, Braghina produces foam, and Gordan fills the barrel.”

Probably from this proverb were inspired and those who created the Crâmpoșie Selecționată variety because the original intention was to get the most productive variety from which to produce table wines.

Fortunately for us, they were wrong! They have obtained a grape variety with high productivity (up to 18t/ha) but that accumulate substantial amounts of sugar (190-210g/l), which develops apples, pears, citrus, exotic fruits aromas and mineral notes.

After 1990, with the revival of Romanian enology, Selected Crâmpoşia won a well-known reputation among the Romanian wine grape varieties.

I associated this wine with a Brie cheese, relying on fresh fruit flavors and wine acidity.

Fetească Regală 2016 – Havarti Delaco D’Excepție

Romanian grape variety, Feteasca Regală, resulted from the natural hybridization between Fetească Albă and Grasă de Cotnari.

It was discovered around 1920 in the village of Daneş, in Mureş County.

It has high productivity (up to 18t/ha), accumulates sugar between 170-210 g/l and records an acidity of 5-6g/l.

It is the most cultivated white grapes Romanian variety due to its versatility in terms of terroir.

I have associated a Havarti cheese, which I discovered relatively recently.

The typical pairing of this kind of cheese is with Chardonnay, but she also goes well with Fetească Regală.

As a recommendation, I would say that it is good for this cheese not to be cold (18-20 ° C) because otherwise it slowly develops its flavors and may seem bland if it is paired with a high acidity wine.

Avincis Rosé 2017 – Emmentaler Delaco

A rosé from Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon with a well-defined body and a well-integrated, fruity acidity with red fruit flavors.

I associated it with an Emmentaler cheese with which it went well although the sweet taste of the cheese accentuated the acidity of the wine.

I recommend a slightly creamier cheese, possibly a goat cheese.

Avincis Merlot + Cabernet Sauvignon 2015 – Grana Padano Delaco D’Excepție.

Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon blend, partially barricaded, with black fruit flavors and relatively soft and velvety tannins.

I had paired this wine with Grana Padano and it was honorably. It would have helped some drops of balsamic vinegar because the tannins tended to change the texture of the cheese in a way not quite pleasant.

Until the next cheese and wine pairing event, I wish you good wines and, besides them, well-chosen dishes!

P.S. All the photos are made by Daniel Botea. If you are curious, you can see more images from this event right here.

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